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Cloud load testing

As a company which operates in the cloud space, we’re experimenting with building a product development company without any servers.

So far, we’re using various cloud services to run our business:

  • Google Applications – for mail, calendar and documents and our internal wiki
  • Beanstalkapp – as our subversion code repository
  • Balsamiq – as our online mockup service
  • Dropbox for file sharing and of course
  • Amazon EC2 as our deployment environment for testing and production

Now days, we’re looking for a good cloud load testing solution. I posted a question on Twitter. I thought others would be interested in my non-formal survey results as well:

  • http://www.keynote.com/
  • http://loadstorm.com/
  • http://www.cloud-intelligence.com/home
  • http://www.soasta.com/index.html
  • – many thanks to Yaron and Paul

    We haven’t tried any of these services yet, and I’ll happily update here on our experience and results.

    If you’re familiar with other online solutions, please add your comment as well.