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Customer 360 at SaaSPulse

These are exciting times at SaaSPulse. We’re ramping up our service, and adding more customers every week. We’re getting great feedback from our users and incorporating this feedback back into our service, thus increasing our customer’s satisfaction.

We focus on our velocity! Yes, it’s important for a startup to move fast and in the right direction. We are making sure we release new features and improvements few times every week. We collect the feedback directly from our customers and implement those changes back into the product. That’s not easy, and not having bi-weekly or monthly release cycles can take it’s tolls from the team, however, it’s exciting to see our service morph into something which is exactly what customers *need*.

Please note that I’m using the term ‘customer need’ and not what customer’s want. The greatest challenge in delivering products to market is to build constructive dialog with the customers. The challenge is even greater when customers are web users in the SaaS model for example where, in most cases, no direct communication is possible. The fact that it’s difficult to gain customer feedback doesn’t relief product/service business owners from striving to highly-effective and efficient communication with their customers.

Our approach to address customer communication challenges is be what we call ‘Customer 360’. Track, analyze and act-on all customer interaction channels with our service. Customer 360, is a customer centric approach for web business and services to better understand their customer by observing all the channels of interaction of named customers with their web business/service. This is what we do, and with our service, this is what our customers do. The result are amazing!

Soon enough, as we incorporate more customer feedback into our system, we’ll be able to open our service with no limits. If you’re interested in hearing more, please drop by our web site and leave you contact details.