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Lessons learned of reading Steve Jobs bio

I couldn’t get my hands off the Steve Jobs biography for the past couple of days. Great book, I highly recommend reading it to everyone!

One of the key lessons I’ve learned by going through Jobs’ amazing life story, was his passion for products. For the past decade I’ve been thinking and researching about the relationship between science, technology, engineering, art and craftsmanship. The disciplines which are blended in when creating new amazing products.

In order to build great products the focus should be on the *creation process*. People from various disciplines are blended in the creative process. Isn’t this great?

It may sound weird (to some) that as Founder and CEO the best parts of my day are the combination of Customer Feedback, User Interface and User Experience design and creation. Now I know for certain; we are building TOTANGO to enable such a mixture of creative processes. It will ensure great products customers will love and also our own enjoyment, so we can keep on doing that for long.