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InVision and Why I LOVE this app!

If you’re involved in the processes of web designs; website, web applications or mobile apps and you’re not using InVision – you should stop reading this, go here and check it out.

In a world where the visual representation of applications is key, InVision makes it dead-simple to collaborate early designs across teams, comment and iterate faster.

Before InVision, we’ve used wireframes to communicate the at high level and then a bunch of photoshop PSDs/Images to communicate and review the new feature/website flows.

InVision improves this in two main areas:

Flow vs. Images
InVision allowed our team at Totango┬ápresent the graphic designer’s artifacts within an application flow. This allowed many of the team members, and in many cases customers as well visualize and experience (almost) the application flow. I’ve learned over the years, that for many people it’s just hard to connect desecrate images into an usage flows. InVision solved this problem for us.

Collaboration and Iteration
InVision allows you to comment on the design, on screen. I’ve used it many times to allow the customers provide their feedback that our designers took into consideration and rapidly made changes. This makes the flow of

concept -> visual design -> flow -> feedback -> design fixes

much faster and reaches a much better outcome.

Kudos for the InVision team – great work!