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Product Update: How Much Time Are Users Investing in Your Web-App?

Understanding the amount of time users spend in your application, and the actions they take, is the best way to know the level of value they are getting from your service. You can now use Totango to do just that.

We’re excited to announce a new version of Totango including the new Activity Time Metric. Totango now analyzes the activity stream of each user and calculates the amount of time spent interacting with your web application. The metric is provided at different levels to uncover key trends and insights:

– On a global level for the entire user-base. So you can keep a pulse on the overall value your application is delivering

– For all users associated with a particular account, helping sales teams determine which accounts are productive and which require more attention to become successful.

– Individual user basis, to identify the true-champions in each account

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Stop Shooting in the Dark. Sell SaaS Faster

It’s 2 days until the end of the quarter and sales people around the globe are scrambling, trying to close sales and meet quotas. It is, literally, “Money Time”.

Such is life in sales everywhere, but if you’re a sales-manager at a SaaS company you have another hurdle to overcome on your quest for quota: You don’t know your prospects.

Trial (or ‘Freemium’) accounts that self-drive their evaluation process are great for lowering acquisition costs, but they present a real challenge for sales teams that need to decide which prospects needs their attention in order to ‘close’.

Luckily answers are hidden in usage data and today we’re releasing a new feature on Totango that will help you get to them.

Editable Customer Filtering

allows you to filter, slice and dice your customer base based on any activity profile.

Let’s use an example to make it real: Imagine you are trying to find all trial accounts that started their evaluation at least a month ago and are still actively trying out the system. Additionally, you want to narrow down the list to those that have at least 5 individual users involved in the evaluation process.

Sound’s like a pretty focused list you can engage with to make sales.
Here’s how you can get to them:

ACreate a new filter on accounts in the “trial” stage.

BAdd a condition to limit results to trials that started with in the last 30 days.

CAdd a condition to limit results to trials that registered activity in the last 3 days

DAdd a condition to further narrow results to those with at least 5 active users (active being they were on the system for at least once in the last 14 days).


Using the Filter Results

Once you filter the customer population, you can drill-down into individual customers to understand what they’ve been doing better. You can also subscribe to receive daily or weekly updates into your email inbox, or even automatically sync. the information with a customer’s account record on Salesforce.

Beyond Trials

The Filter Editor function can help you do much more than just narrow down a list of engaged trials. Here are some of the examples we’ve heard about from early testers:

1. Detecting customers with declining usage to proactively manage retention and increase lifetime value
2. Identify upsell opportunities with customers that are showing a ramp up in usage
3. Identify “feature champions” by finding customers that make extensive use of parts of the application

… and we’d love to hear about more! Please share your thoughts with us either on this blog, in our support forums or by emailing me directly at oren at

If you already have an account with us, you can start using the filter editor immediately. Just click here.
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TOTANGO analyzes in real time customer engagement and intention within SaaS applications to help you grow your business


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Getting Personal with Your Customers

One of the first things that grabs people’s attention when they begin using SaaSPulse is our real time User Activity Stream.

As one of our beta customer recently put it:

“I’m already getting addicted to watching the real-time activity stream. Very Nice!”

There is something powerful about seeing the flow of customers’ activities on the service and getting a raw view of how it is being used and appreciated.  Here’s how it works:

Global Activity Stream (Service Pulse)

Service Pulse is a global view of all activities on a customer’s web-service. The view updates in real-time as new events are received.

The top of the page shows key metrics such as the active users, new trial sign-ups and the top activities users are performing today.

Underneath these metrics is the stream of events. Each entry shows:

1. The time-stamp when the event occurred
2. The user who conducted the activity and the organization they belong to (for multi-tenant applications)
3. The activity details.

This global view of the service is extremely valuable for emerging services trying to get a better feel on the value their customers are getting from the service. Established services can use it to build an understanding of how new or changed functionality is being received.

As is sometimes the case with global views, it can get noisy. That’s why our activity stream allows you to drill down to an individual customer’s activities.

Customer Activity Stream

Clicking on any customer in the global stream drills down to an individual customer’s usage. Here we see key metrics on a specific customer: the amount and breakdown of activities,  when they started using the service, when they used it last and so forth.

Similarly to the global view, this view shows a stream of the activities, but in this case only those conducted by an individual customer. This view helps build an understanding of  activities – and through that the value – that a customer is getting from the web-service.  We call this “Customer Context” and have seen it help our users in the following ways:

1.Framing a sales-call with a trial account
2.Improving customer satisfaction by better understanding of a customer’s frustration
3. Uncovering common customer archetypes and tuning the product accordingly

Instrumenting SaaSPulse is simple

We provide a very simple API to send data to SaaSPulse. A single HTTP or Javascript call communicates events in the form “user X did action Y” . We collect these events,  process them and use them as the base of our activity streams.


Activity streams are a great tool to understand customers. Often, seeing the stream of their own activity data is when our customers get their first “a-ha” moment. The  visualization helps them realize the full potential activity data has on improving their business, even before more advanced functionality like scaling trials and improving customer satisfaction.

It’s all about increasing customer life time value but it starts with simple visibility, which is what makes Activity Streams such a popular capability of our product and why we plan to continue to improve it.



TOTANGO analyzes in real time customer engagement and intention within SaaS applications to help you grow your business


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The Trial Flood Now Works For You

Sales and marketing departments in SaaS companies share a dream: A trial flood. A well-lubricated acquisition funnel that generates an endless, fast-paced stream of new trial users on their way to becoming happy customers.

But what happens once the trial flood begins?

Often, the dream becomes a nightmare as the organization tries to figure out how to convert this flood of trials into paying customers. With so many trials happening, where should sales attention go to? Which accounts should be engaged directly? Which should be nurtured? Which ignored?

The answers to these questions are, of course, hidden in trial users’ usage profile. The Trial Inbox brings them out and makes sure the team is focused on the most promising accounts in trial.

Trial Inbox

Trial Inbox contains a focused lists of trial customers based on activity segmentation. The out of the box categorization includes Hot, New, Active and Inactive trials. In addition we’ve added some nice visualization into the individual customers’ records that help filter and navigate quickly.

The image below is a screen shot of the trial inbox in action. If you’re not already part of the beta program, please make sure to drop us your email here.

Zoom in on the most promising trials

Don’t let the trial flood catch you by surprise. Use the Trial Inbox and make it work for you.



TOTANGO analyzes in real time customer engagement and intention within SaaS applications to help you grow your business


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Start Each Day Focused on Customers

We didn’t let the festivities of the new year slow us down too much and just released a new version of the SaaSPulse application.

We are particularly excited about this update because it includes a new application module, created to address a critical need of our beta-customers: Staying focused on important customers and the issues that matter to them.

Scaling SaaS businesses have to deal with many issues pertaining the customer-success: New customers need help on-boarding to the service, important contracts are about to expire and must be monitored, key customers are unsatisfied and at risk.

It can get really overwhelming.

Customer Inbox
Our new Customer inbox it here to help. It surfaces customers that require treatment so that customer-success staff can focus attention where it matters. This focus helps systematically work through churn issues, increase customer life time value and build a clearer picture of the business’s overall health.

We analyze each customer’s activity data in the context of their contract information and present it in an intuitive inbox metaphor. This makes it easy to pinpoint customers that require attention, such as:

* Customers that are only using a small fraction of their license.
* Customers that recently went under-contract but have yet to start using the service in a meaningful way.
* Customers that are highly engaged with the service.
* Customers that have been inactive for a while.
* and more!

The Customer Inbox is available for all beta-customers, under the Customers menu.

What’s Cooking
In our upcoming update, we’ll be releasing the Trial Inbox, which applies similar principles to trial accounts. It’s an extremely helpful tool to isolate trial accounts that matter and require sales attention.

We’ve been getting very good reviews on the concept from early access customers. Contact me (oren at if you would like a sneak peak as well.



TOTANGO analyzes in real time customer engagement and intention within SaaS applications to help you grow your business


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SaaSPulse Product Update (21-Dec-2010)

Earlier today we released a new version of our service for all beta customers.
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  • – Customer Overview: Review a segmented list of customers and trials accounts.
  • – Customer Details: Customer panel summarizing key account, contract and usage data.

Customer Overview
We’ve changed the Customer Overview screen to make it easier to review the current list of customers and their engagement data.

The overview screen list the entire population of customers and trials:
Trial users are broken down to New, Ongoing and Inactive trials, while customers are segmented into Onboarding, Established and Inactive customers.

With this breakdown it is now easier to zoom in on the population you are interested in.

Customer Details
We’ve also improved the Customer Details screen, where you can see all the activities and data of each individual customer. The Top panel now displays account data such as their status (trial or paying), date and time of their last activities and contract information, when available.

From here, you can also change the status of a customer or trial, in cases where they were incorrectly assigned by the system.

This release is a first step we are taking to present the SaaSPulse data in a way that is immediately useful for sales and ongoing customer success management. We’ve been getting very consistent feedback on this and will be releasing much more enhancements in this area in the coming weeks.
Stay Tuned!

NOTE: To get future updates on releases, please make sure you follow us on twitter.



TOTANGO analyzes in real time customer engagement and intention within SaaS applications to help you grow your business


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