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Trying the new SurfaceRT

I’m writing this post on a new SurfaceRT at the Windows store in Stanford mall. Was trying to figure out for myself what’s the value of this product, can it really be the single replacement for an iPad and a laptop. Short answer – not yet…

Keyboard experience:

I’ve started with the ‘touch cover’ ($119.99) keyboard – that didn’t really work well for me. It kept missing key strokes and I switched to the Type Cover ($129.99) which feels much more natural for typing.

Touch experience on the screen – seems very good. Similar to the iPad – no meaningful latencies.

Design, Look & Feel –

The non windows experience (metro) looks very modern and cool – slick. But when you press the famous ‘start’ button – you get to the old view of windows. Personally not my taste, but I’m sure some people will feel at home 😉

Bottom line – could give a fight to the iPad specifically on productivity, however, I’m keeping my Mac for a bit longer.



Engagement Technique: Are you a Mad Man or a Math Man?

Anneke Seley

During Sales 2.0, I’ve met Anneke Seley, Founder of Phoneworks and author of Sales 2.0.

Anneke was presenting there about the modern ways to sell a thought, a product or a concept to your executive team or your board and anticipate what is going to make them more engaged once making a decision.

Anneke has quoted the All Things Digital article: The “Mad Men” Years Are Giving Way to the “Math Men” Era, making a point that nowadays more and more executives are acting like math men rather then Don Draper in Mad Man…

And indeed, we can see decisions are being made more and more based on metrics and cohort analysis rather than on our guts feeling. It’s not enough to feel it inside – you should base your feeling on numbers and know which metric to measure – that would not only increase your customer engagement but can also increase inside engagement while selling an idea to your team!

Once a business understand which are their most important metrics, they should stick to it and measure them in order to create a clear view of its consistency over time.

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To read the full transcription of the video, click here

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Anneke Seley and we want to talk about justifying Sales 2.0 investments such as technologies, training purposes, marketing programs, and making an inside sales team, and in my presentation today, Sales 2.0 conference, I quoted All Things Digital who last month said that we are moving from the era of “Mad Men”, as in Don Draper, to an era of Math Men, and I used Albert Einstein as an example, and it’s really important to understand how to sell a thought, a product, a concept to your executive team or your board and know what is going to make them engage and make a decision, and more and more executives are acting more like Albert Einstein in the Math era than Don Draper in the Madman era, so understand what metrics are important to your company, whether they are revenue per head, average sales cycle, average deal size, these are some of the standards.

Of course, they are probably metrics that are more meaningful to you. And use those metrics before you install your product, after you install your product on a trial or something like that or similarly for marketing program or a new sales 2.0 initiative and hopefully that’ll get you the results that you want.