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Top 10 Cloud Trends from CloudExpo Santa Clara – Twitter Style

cloudexpo in santa clara

TOTANGO is at the Cloud Expo in Santa Clara today. Another day, another cloud conference! My head is spinning. So rather than a long update from the conference, this  time a short list with the top 10 tweets from the conference to date. I still think these give a nice overview of the sentiment here.  I have to say that my personal feeling is that the infrastructure storm behind Cloud is starting to die down a bit and that there is a lot of talk on: 1) how to protect and optimize the cloud infrastructure already built out and 2) how to make use of this wonderful new infrastructure. Of course trend 2 is good news for TOTANGO. The next wave may be new enterprise applications powered by the cloud!

Onto the Top 10 from CloudExpo:

Tweet 1:

@GarimaRT: 37% oracle customers have private clouds already deployed. Seems very high to me.

Tweet 2:

@wrecks47: New applications move cloud sooner than extensions to existing applications – observation based on latest @IOUG survey

Tweet 3:

@DrJCL: Oracle claims its customers are adopting #PaaS faster than #IaaS.

Tweet 4:

@GarimaRT: Department apps, home grown apps are most frequently run in private clouds.

Tweet 5:

Overheard @ #CloudExpo in Santa Clara today “all the vendors are here, all our customers are back east”.

Tweet 6:

@AddThis The Web of APIs = the Web of the Future #Cloudexpo #cloud :

Tweet 7:

@jorke Liking presentations that actually demo stuff like #Terremark and #newrelic … Far too much markitecture in other pressos… #CloudExpo

Tweet 8:

@centerdigital At #cloudexpo: “There is no way IT can avoid a move to the cloud” BTIS tp

Tweet 9:

@threshershark #cloudexpo 20% of cloud VM’s are idle – provisioning needs to change too and so do charging models

Tweet 10:

@sec_prof @randomuserid: #cloudexpo security panel: 10% corp laptops undetected bots; 30% personal devices.< FUD. So over 1billion infected devices?

Next I am going to walk the expo floor. Perhaps more on that tomorrow.


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