Author: Guy Nirpaz

Is the world still moving?

It’s seven months into COVID and the world has completely changed while standing still at the same time.

Farm Don’t Hunt – The Definitive Guide To Customer Success on Regalix TV

I recently talked to Kevin Benedict on Regalix TV about customer success and much more.

Farm, Don’t Hunt – The Definitive Guide to Customer Success | Guy Nirpaz, CEO/Founder, Totango

If you’re interested to check the book out, the link is just here below.

Podcast Episode: How to Achieve Company-Wide Customer Success with Guy Nirpaz

I recently recorded an episode of The Human Duct Tape with Jeanne Bliss.

From the episode abstract:

Customer success is more than just a buzzword, and Guy Nirpaz, the CEO and founder of Totango talks to us about how to actually integrate customer success into the customer experience. In today’s episode, Guy talks about the importance of delivering value to the customer and across the entire customer lifecycle. It’s about understanding that you need to create lifetime value that goes beyond the number of transactions had with a customer.

Recommended Israeli Restaurants in NYC

Spring break was last week, great opportunity to mix business and fun in NYC. We stayed in an Airbnb apartment on the lower west side of Manhattan, walking distance from many great places.

We had a chance to try 3 great Israeli restaurants – Tel Aviv quality standards (which means very high)

Taim (which means tasty in Hebrew) is a great falafel place which we ran across. The same Chef has a fancier restaurant called Balaboosta (which means a great housewife in Yiddish) – great food, although a bit pricey.

Had an amazing Israeli breakfast (including Jachnun) at 12 chairs cafe. All links are below. Enjoy


It’s been over three years since I last posted on this blog. I’ll try to bring it back to life. I changed the title from “Thoughts from my startup journey” to “Thoughts from my journey.” Potentially a broader perspective of life in general.

Will see if it sticks…

Summit countdown

This is what you get when you mess with us…

We can be heroes just for one day

Is there life on Mars?

Introducing Farm Don’t Hunt Blog on Medium

I’d like to introduce you to the blog of Farm Don’t Hunt – The Definitive Guide to Customer Success book.

It is located at BLOG.FARMDONTHUNT.COM and is hosted on Medium.

In the past few months, since I’ve published the book, I’ve been getting daily feedback from customer success leaders and practitioners: comments, questions and suggestions.

The new blog is the place in which I’m going to engage with the book readers. It is also the publication where I’m going to add new content about customer success.

Please take a moment to FOLLOW Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 7.59.03 AMit to get updates on new content that is being published there.