Trying the new SurfaceRT

Trying the new SurfaceRT

I’m writing this post on a new SurfaceRT at the Windows store in Stanford mall. Was trying to figure out for myself what’s the value of this product, can it really be the single replacement for an iPad and a laptop. Short answer – not yet…

Keyboard experience:

I’ve started with the ‘touch cover’ ($119.99) keyboard – that didn’t really work well for me. It kept missing key strokes and I switched to the Type Cover ($129.99) which feels much more natural for typing.

Touch experience on the screen – seems very good. Similar to the iPad – no meaningful latencies.

Design, Look & Feel –

The non windows experience (metro) looks very modern and cool – slick. But when you press the famous ‘start’ button – you get to the old view of windows. Personally not my taste, but I’m sure some people will feel at home 😉

Bottom line – could give a fight to the iPad specifically on productivity, however, I’m keeping my Mac for a bit longer.



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