Moved the hosting of this blog to WPEngine

I have moved this blog to be hosted at WPEngine. I know that as a reader you don’t really care where this blog is hosted, and you’re right. But I care that you as a reader will get a great experience, and in this case, experience means speed! Yep, the time it take the blog to load and serve is very important.

You should expect me to also write more often, as it’s also easier and more fun to me with this new speedy site.

Well done WPEgine guys, keep up the good work!

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Hey Guy,

Thanks for the kind words 🙂 We’ve got a team of people who work hard to make it really simple for folks like you to host their sites. I’m glad that now you can focus on the fun part, just blogging, and don’t have to stress about the rest.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have thoughts or questions:

-Austin Gunter

If your website is mission-critical, you simply cannot gamble with WPEngine. WPEngine will regularly make changes to your website:
– without your permission
– without telling you what they are doing in advance
– without telling you what they did after the fact
– without checking their work
– without apologizing for their coding errors that cause crashes and downtime

The 4-5 months my website was with WPEngine were the worst in the company’s five-year history. On no less than three separate occasions, WPEngine managed to crash my site. I had more downtime, more hassles, more frustration and more B.S. than I had experienced with all my previous webhosts combined. It was a constant nightmare — hours and hours spent arguing with them and cleaning up messes they left behind. I estimate that between the crashes and 150+ hours of lost productivity, my overall site traffic for 2012 will be 7.5% less than it should have been. Working with WPEngine was a HUGE distraction and massively disruptive.

WPEngine is autocratic. As a “managed webhost,” they feel they are entitled to do whatever they want to your site, whenever they want — without warning and without empathy. The only thing more stunning than their arrogance is the lack of technical chops they display. Despite being touted as “knowledgeable WP experts,” their technicians can’t get one thing right. They can’t integrate a SSL certificate without completely f-ing up your database. Heck, they couldn’t even make a simple change to 5 lines of code without crashing my site for 18 hours.

If you run a simple website that gets modest traffic, AND you don’t know much about WordPress, AND it doesn’t matter if your website goes down for a few days here or there, then go ahead and take your chances with WPEngine. For my website, WPEngine was the worst mistake I’ve ever made. Don’t buy into all the hype.

I know there are some folks out there who will assume that I am a WP moron with cruddy plugins and a messy theme — not the case. If you are a site admin considering WPEngine and would like to discuss my experience, please feel free to contact me. I’ll do whatever I can to spare others from the pain and suffering WPEngine inflicts.

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