Product Feature: Dashboard Email Subscription

Product Feature: Dashboard Email Subscription

If you are using the Totango Dashboard to keep track of accounts and their lifecycle progress, you’ll love our Dashboard email subscription feature. Subscribe to reports and Totango will send you Daily, Weekly or Monthly emails with updates on the core metrics measured by the Dashboard.

The scheduled emails complement the real-time view provided by the Dashboard to help create an ambient feel for the data. That’s why we send them at 8am in the morning, so you can start your day (or week, or month) with a quick skim on the important metrics for your business, just before you have to start dealing with the grueling day to day.

Daily Report:

Summary of the number of accounts that Signed-up, activated, converted to paying or cancelled their subscription yesterday. The email also lists their names with deep links into their profile on Totango. So if you see an account of interest you can drill down to their details. Great way to keep a pulse and identify anything interesting happening in the trenches.


Weekly Report:

Weekly summary of lifecycle changes. In this report we also include a weekly cohort, so you can measure how this week was in comparison to past weeks. Great way to get a feel if the business is trending up or down and adapt quickly.


Monthly summary of lifecycle changes. Like the weekly report, this monthly update conveniently summarizes the last month’s result with those of months past. Great way to share progress with employees, management or board members


To check it out,  navigate to your Dashbaord and subscribe. Or signup to Totango if you’re not using it already and take control of Customer Engagement!


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