Do You Allow Social Media Channels in Your Business?

Do You Allow Social Media Channels in Your Business?

HootSuite Interview

At the Sales 2.0, I’ve met Darren Suomi, VP Sales at HootSuite who gave me a tip regarding social media – If you’ve ever considered not to give a salesperson your phone or email address, consider giving them a social media address.

As you probably know, nowadays, where customer engagement is the focus of successful SaaS business, social media is a central player in communicating with your customers and for customers to communicate with each other. As I presented in my previous video post, the world have moved on from “system of records” to the system of engagement and social media become a big influence in the system of engagement.

According to Darren, a lot of companies are afraid from allowing their workers interacting on this medium, however, Darren encourages they allow it as it worth while in the long run. Of course it should be accompanied with guiding you team about what’s acceptable and what’s not.

In my next post I will publish another tip from Darren regarding self service model and how to adjust it to reduce churn.

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Video Transcription:

“Darren Suomi, VP Sales from HootSuite.
Well, what I was talking about earlier was in terms of well, in the past if you’ve ever considered not giving a salesperson a phone or an email address. I think it began by giving them a social media address. A lot of companies are afraid to let people go and interact on that medium, I will say, really, “Open up, stick your foot in the water.
Get the waters warm.”
So come on in, play around, let people go but give them a little bit of guidelines in you know, what’s acceptable and what’s not, what kind of branding you want to give them.”

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