Stop Shooting in the Dark. Sell SaaS Faster

Stop Shooting in the Dark. Sell SaaS Faster

It’s 2 days until the end of the quarter and sales people around the globe are scrambling, trying to close sales and meet quotas. It is, literally, “Money Time”.

Such is life in sales everywhere, but if you’re a sales-manager at a SaaS company you have another hurdle to overcome on your quest for quota: You don’t know your prospects.

Trial (or ‘Freemium’) accounts that self-drive their evaluation process are great for lowering acquisition costs, but they present a real challenge for sales teams that need to decide which prospects needs their attention in order to ‘close’.

Luckily answers are hidden in usage data and today we’re releasing a new feature on Totango that will help you get to them.

Editable Customer Filtering

allows you to filter, slice and dice your customer base based on any activity profile.

Let’s use an example to make it real: Imagine you are trying to find all trial accounts that started their evaluation at least a month ago and are still actively trying out the system. Additionally, you want to narrow down the list to those that have at least 5 individual users involved in the evaluation process.

Sound’s like a pretty focused list you can engage with to make sales.
Here’s how you can get to them:

ACreate a new filter on accounts in the “trial” stage.

BAdd a condition to limit results to trials that started with in the last 30 days.

CAdd a condition to limit results to trials that registered activity in the last 3 days

DAdd a condition to further narrow results to those with at least 5 active users (active being they were on the system for at least once in the last 14 days).


Using the Filter Results

Once you filter the customer population, you can drill-down into individual customers to understand what they’ve been doing better. You can also subscribe to receive daily or weekly updates into your email inbox, or even automatically sync. the information with a customer’s account record on Salesforce.

Beyond Trials

The Filter Editor function can help you do much more than just narrow down a list of engaged trials. Here are some of the examples we’ve heard about from early testers:

1. Detecting customers with declining usage to proactively manage retention and increase lifetime value
2. Identify upsell opportunities with customers that are showing a ramp up in usage
3. Identify “feature champions” by finding customers that make extensive use of parts of the application

… and we’d love to hear about more! Please share your thoughts with us either on this blog, in our support forums or by emailing me directly at oren at

If you already have an account with us, you can start using the filter editor immediately. Just click here.
If you’re not a beta user yet, you should signup here.



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