We are Now TOTANGO!

We are Now TOTANGO!

let's dance!
Today we are changing our name to TOTANGO.

We look at the relationship between online services and their customers as an intricate dance – a tango. You want to constantly understand and be “in step” with your customers, in order to improve the value delivered to them. Our platform enables you to do just that by increasing visibility into customers’ activities and delivering deep insights about their meaning.

So, we are now Totango, and we’re going to help you stay in step with your customers!

On a technical note, all existing references to the SaaSpulse domain name will continue to function as normal. But we encourage you to update your integration code to reference our new domain (details here). You should also update your address book, and follow us on Twitter, if you’re not doing so already.



TOTANGO analyzes in real time customer engagement and intention within SaaS applications to help you grow your business


Increase your sales revenue!
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