SaaSPulse Product Update (21-Dec-2010)

SaaSPulse Product Update (21-Dec-2010)

Earlier today we released a new version of our service for all beta customers.
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  • – Customer Overview: Review a segmented list of customers and trials accounts.
  • – Customer Details: Customer panel summarizing key account, contract and usage data.

Customer Overview
We’ve changed the Customer Overview screen to make it easier to review the current list of customers and their engagement data.

The overview screen list the entire population of customers and trials:
Trial users are broken down to New, Ongoing and Inactive trials, while customers are segmented into Onboarding, Established and Inactive customers.

With this breakdown it is now easier to zoom in on the population you are interested in.

Customer Details
We’ve also improved the Customer Details screen, where you can see all the activities and data of each individual customer. The Top panel now displays account data such as their status (trial or paying), date and time of their last activities and contract information, when available.

From here, you can also change the status of a customer or trial, in cases where they were incorrectly assigned by the system.

This release is a first step we are taking to present the SaaSPulse data in a way that is immediately useful for sales and ongoing customer success management. We’ve been getting very consistent feedback on this and will be releasing much more enhancements in this area in the coming weeks.
Stay Tuned!

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