Status of private beta

Status of private beta

I’m using this post to update on the beta status of our service at SaaSPulse.

In the past few weeks, Omer and I were demoing our product to prospective customers and people in the industry which we value their opinion. We’ve set up a demo account on our service, which is basically our beta system with dummy data of a fictions IT Service Management SaaS company named

We’ve created this demo for two reasons: To encourage feedback, people prefer to look at live systems and not just presentations, and to get attention of potential customers to participate in our private beta, so we gain additional valuable feedback.

The good news, is that most of the SaaS businesses which we’ve demoed to would like to start using the service based on it’s current feature set. Obviously these are very good signs for us. So we’re working extremely hard to be able to ramp up more customers than we initially anticipated (as a side note, I’m really glad we’ve chosen Amazon Web Services for our infrastructure, this way it’s much simpler for us to scale faster).

With the increased capacity we are able to add more business to our service every week. If you’re interested, just let us know here.

We’re also about to setup a company blog to report update statuses more frequently, so please be sure to take a look in few days.

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