Life in enterprise software

Life in enterprise software

TechCrunch is surprised to hear that there is life in enterprise software, You can watch the video and listen to what Marc Andreessen has to say on the subject. I agree with the general sentiment of the discussion. There is a lot of potential in enterprise software, specifically when applying modern approaches to eneterprise software.

I’d like to emphasize a minor fact within this article: “Thousands of software-as-a-service and open source companies were started over the last decade to upend the category with cheaper, more flexible pay-as-you-go offerings that didn’t involve the multi-million-dollar installation costs of hardware and customization”

I’ve been talking in the past few months with several industry leaders. Few don’t really see SaaS as a big market. I beg to differ. Time will tell who’s right, but thousands of companies playing in this arena sounds big to me. and this is just the beginning. In addition, it’s clear that many enterprise software companies who didn’t apply modern web delivery models will apply those sooner or later. In order to convince an enterprise to choose a best-of-breed product, it has to lower the barriers and allow ‘frictionless’ enterprise adoption strategies.

I’m glad to hear reinforcement from someone like Marc.

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