Quick Update

Quick Update

I’d like to use this post to provide a quick update of what I’m up to these days:

I’ve left GigaSpaces to start my own business. It is a startup company, and we call it SaaSPulse (the name may change in the future). As the name implies we’re working in the SaaS arena.

I’ve been following the explosion of cloud ans Software as a Service (SaaS) closely from my previous position. Many of GigaSpaces‘ ISV customers are moving to SaaS. The motivation behind the move varies, however, one clear motive is customer demand.

To me this sounds as: business opportunity.

In addition, I’ve used lean practices to run a product development for years now. Lean is all about creating value for customers while reducing unnecessary waste along the process of doing so.

While diving deeper into the business fundamentals of a SaaS company I realized that there are many similarities, and various applications of lean concepts into business practices of SaaS companies.

We’re in the process of customer discovery,the first phase of Customer Development methodology. Although I can’t publicly disclose just yet, what is our thesis, we’re getting very positive responses and moving forward into funding the company appropriately.

Till next time

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