Now I can really start blogging

Now I can really start blogging

Just a quick update on my blogging status. I was struggling a bit with finding a new home for my blog. I wasn’t happy with JRoller, were I hosted Architect’s Blog for the past few years, and with the limitations of

In addition I wanted to make sure I’m not making a hassle for my friends who follow me on this blog. So I bought a domain: where my blog is going to live. No matter which platform I’m going to use, the domain will stay the same.

In addition, I’ve burned my RSS into FeedBurner at this address:, and also made sure that Architec’t Blog feed is pointing to the same location.

If you’re curios about my technical decisions:

  • I’m using a simple hosting package from GoDaddy
  • I’ve installed the latest version of WordPress
  • I’ve added the Disquss plugin for discussion, Mobile WP for mobile users, few configurations for the permlinks and I’m done!

That’s about it.

From now on, real stuff is expected.

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