Yammer Customer Engagement Team

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Yammer recently appointed Samantha Loveland to lead their Customer Engagement team. Loveland (previously in Salesforce.com) will report to Chief Customer Officer David Obrand.

Yammer, like other SaaS companies understands that Customer Success is key to their success, and much like other successful SaaS companies invests significant efforts and resources to ensure that.


VP Customer Success at Alcove9: On Boarding SaaS Customers

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At Totango, I have initiated a project to collect and share more best practices around low-touch selling, free-to-paid conversion, up-selling and customer retention. On this blog we will share what we learn from speaking to sales and customer success professionals in the field of […]

Does your SaaS Business have a VP Customer Success?

Earlier this week, I spoke to Dave Rosenberg for his CNET Blog ‘Customer success’ VP role: To reduce SaaS churn.

At Totango, we care deeply about customer engagement and customer success. We agree with Dave that with SaaS “it might make just as much sense […]