Customer Health Dashboard

Success Graph

Today, we’re excited to announce a major new functionality in Totango.

The Totango Customer Health Dashboard – A unique way to know, track and proactively manage customer health.

It’s the ultimate tool for Customer Success staff and anyone else in the organization taking an active role in reducing churn, increasing adoption and customer happiness.

If […]

Realtime Stream now under Dashboards

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We restructured the Totango application’s main navigation to make it easier to find stuff and to accommodate for some exciting functionality that is coming really soon.

The Realtime tab is now under the Dashboards tab, along side the Lifecycle dashboard.

This approach will soon be extended with additional Dashboards, each providing a different birds eye […]

Are You Engaging New Trials in Their Evaluation?

Evaluating Trials

We recently published a study that proves through big-data analysis what many people already know:

Users that are actively engaged a few days into their trial are much more likely to convert to paying customers.

4x times more likely, to be exact. (more details)

This is a great signal for SaaS […]

Make SaaS Sales Social with LinkedIn Connector for Totango

linkedin icon

Iā€™m happy to introduce the new LinkedIn connector of Totango.
This new feature helps low touch sales teams to get even more insights on prospects and accounts they are dealing with.

In low touch sales or zero touch online sales, one of the key challenges […]

Product Feature: Dashboard Email Subscription

If you are using the Totango Dashboard to keep track of accounts and their lifecycle progress, you’ll love our Dashboard email subscription feature. Subscribe to reports and Totango will send you Daily, Weekly or Monthly emails with updates on the core metrics measured by the Dashboard.

The scheduled emails complement the real-time view provided by […]

The SaaS Executive Dashboard

Today, the Totango team is excited to announce a brand new ā€œSaaS Executive Dashboardā€.
The Totango SaaS Executive Dashboard is an extension of the Totango online platform which allows SaaS teams to gain full visibility into the level of customer engagement in their business.

The SaaS Executive Dashboard allows SaaS executives to track […]